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Munson Healthcare reports dramatic rise in HIV cases in Northwest Michigan

Munson Healthcare

Munson Healthcare says they’ve seen a big rise in HIV cases in Northwest Michigan between 2019 and 2023.

HIV diagnoses have more than doubled from the 2014-2018 testing period to 2019-2023. Munson says one common factor they’re seeing is a low history of testing in people who are now finding out they have HIV.

“We are focusing on prevention methods and educating providers,” said Thomas Judd Center Nurse Practitioner Shawn Kintigh. “The tools to stop HIV in its tracks exist, but the real work begins in educating our community and in conversations between people and their primary care providers.”

The Thomas Judd Center, a Munson Healthcare program, will be holding a panel discussion on the increase in cases on Friday, Dec. 1, following a free screening of “The Holdovers” (rated R) at the AMC Cherry Blossom 14 Theatre in Traverse City.

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