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Excellence in Education: Dave Gorbe from Waverly High School

This week’s Michigan Lottery Excellence in Education winner is Dave Gorbe from Waverly High School. Dave, congratulations!

We have a video from your nominator. Let’s take a look.

The reason I chose Mr. Gorbe for this award is because of his caring, kindness, and just all-around ability to help students and staff alike.

Q. What’s that like being nominated from a student?

A. They oftentimes will be teaching me things about music that they enjoy, but then I get to share with them music that I’ve discovered over the years and be able to make that connection. I want to make sure that the kids have a memorable time and enjoy it as much as I did when I was a kid.

Dave from Waverly High School receives a $2,000 check from the Michigan Lottery.

Excellence in Education Awards sponsored by the Michigan Lottery - providing more than $27 billion to public education since 1972.