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2 people, 2 dogs killed in Mason County plane crash

UPDATE 11/27/23 6:10 p.m.

MASON COUNTY — A holiday visit turned tragic after the plane of an out of state couple who were visiting family in Northern Michigan went down Sunday morning, killing the two people on board and their two dogs.

The Associated Press reported that the plane was headed to Albuquerque, New Mexico when it crashed.


However, the Mason County Sheriff, Kim Cole said the couple was from South Bend, Indiana and was in the area for the holidays.

“They had family in the area that they were visiting for the holiday, which, you know, these events are tragic when they’re stand-alone events. But when you put them around the holidays, it really seems to impact not only the community but the family in an especially hard way,” said Cole.

The crash happened in a field near the Mason County Airport, off of Meyers Road and south of Rasmussen Road.

Michigan State Police were on the scene and the plane was still here in that field on Monday afternoon. MSP says they don’t know what caused the plane to crash but Cole said when they arrived, the plane was burning intensely.


“When crews got there, the plane was fully engulfed in flames. It was destroyed on impact. It was what I would describe as a hard impact when it hit the ground. It was clear when I got there that this was not going to be a survivable incident,” said Cole.

The sheriff said a witness saw the plane crash at 10 a.m. and called it in immediately.

“The witness reported seeing the plane take off from the kind of East of Mason County Airport heading in an easterly direction. And then for whatever reason, it looked like the plane banked hard to the north and then crashed,” said Cole.

Cole said the crash happened in a remote area, so thankfully no other people were injured or killed in the crash.


The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board, along with Michigan State Police from the Hart Post are still investigating the cause of the crash.

The sheriff said he knows the family personally and has reached out to them.

“Knowing that you’ve lost your niece and her husband in a plane crash after a weekend of Thanksgiving giving thanks. It’s hard on the family, no doubt,” said Cole.

Cole said the tragedy will have an impact on the entire community.


“Our thoughts are with the family that live in our community and the family down where they’re from. And it’s just such a sad event that I know our community will rally around the family that is up in our area,” said Cole.

UPDATE 11/27/23 10:26 a.m.

The Associated Press reported Monday that the couple killed in the crash were from Indiana and were headed to Albuquerque when their plane took off.

11/26/23 5:59 p.m.

Two people are dead Sunday evening after a plane crash in Pere Marquette Township.

According to the Michigan State Police Sixth District and Mason County Sheriff’s Department, a single-engine, fixed-wing airplane crashed.

The plane crashed Sunday morning at 10 just after it took off from Mason County Airport, officials said.

The plane burst into flames upon impact with the ground, officials said.

The passengers - a 43-year-old female and 60-year-old male - and their two dogs died in the crash.

Pere Marquette Fire, Ludington Fire and Rescue, Hamlin Fire, DNR Law Enforcement, Mason County Sheriff’s Department and Michigan State Police all responded.

Michigan State Police Hart Post troopers are investigating.

We will update you with more information when it becomes available.

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