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Northern Michigan has a lot to be grateful for this holiday season, including bread!

With Thanksgiving near, so is the holiday cheer! Although we are grateful for things all year, Thanksgiving serves as a powerful reminder as to why.

“This Thanksgiving it’s probably gonna being able to spend all this time with my family,” said 13-year-old Logan.

But the main question always seems to be, what are you most thankful for?


“I’m just thankful for having a health family this year,” said mom of three, Ashlan.

And her daughter is just as thankful.

“I’m thankful for pumpkin pie and I am thankful for mama and dada and that’s it,” said her daughter Olive.

For some, it’s getting to come home safely.


“I’m thankful for the fact that I am here, I have got military service under my belt, i have got a tour in the middle east, and I am grateful to be home and safe in one piece,” said David.

For others, it’s getting to expand their horizons and experience new things, like Baris who is a small business owner of Socks Kick.

“We are most thankful because of the people here. You know I am from Turkey you know we have a business here in East Jordan and we sell socks and to be honest we are happy with the people that are very welcoming, and we are thankful that we are here,” said Baris.

And of course, getting to spend time with family is on the top o a lot of lists.


“I’m excited to hang out with all my cousins…. well we go in our hot tub a lot at out aunts house,” said one 10-year-old.

And with all that holiday fun you’re sure to work up an appetite, but turkey isn’t always the favorite.

“It’s gotta be the bread rolls, once I have one, I gotta have another and after I have that one I gotta have more and just so good there is just something about them and I’m kinda curious there’s gotta be something about them,” said Logan.

“My favorite dish on thanksgiving is either stuffing or pumpkin pie… its more whipped cream than actual pie,” said Ashlan.


But of course, turkey is a the top of some lists.

“Turkey because we are from Turkey, I love turkey, I love gravy, and ham is great,” said Baris.

But for the biggest turkey lovers, no side is needed to cover up that turkey taste.

“Turkey definitely, it’s just so good, i don’t know, it’s something about it,” said Allison.

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