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Thanksgiving Day feast less than last year but still costly

TRAVERSE CITY — Although it may not seem like it, people are actually paying less this year for their Thanksgiving Day feast.

According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, the overall cost for a typical Thanksgiving meal this year is slightly less than in 2022. Dinner for 10 cost around $61.17, down from $64.05 last year, but still higher than $53.31 in 2021.

The grocery manager for the Honor Family Market in Benzie County, Tim Schneider said one of the main reasons for the lower average in cost is because the price for a pound of turkey has dropped 43 cents from a year prior, which he attributes to a decline in cases of avian influenza.


Schneider said another reason for prices being a bit more manageable is because manufacturers are caught up and able to provide more deals to grocers.

“We’ve been able to put a lot more things on special. However, the items that are not on sale you’re probably going to notice a difference in price. If it’s not a nickel or dime it might be more,” Schneider explained.

While turkey prices have dropped, prices for many other things are still up. The cost of cranberries is up 20% from a year ago, with russet potatoes also 14% higher. The price of canned green beans has risen 9% and sweet potatoes up 4%.

Schneider said the biggest rise people will notice is in the price of crescent rolls and pie crusts.


“I don’t understand the whole thing, but those prices are up. So, be prepared even on a sale to see those prices be higher than what you’re used to,” Schneider advised.

One shopper at the market said the continued high prices are hurting families.

“I have just myself and my kids come up. So, for me it’s a little easier than it is for a lot of the bigger families. There needs to be a lot of changes made,” they said.

Schneider said despite prices still being high, he hopes things are a bit more manageable for families this year.

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