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3 arrested for cocaine, illegal firearms after stopping to talk to DNR on opening day

A chat with the DNR on opening day led to arrests for cocaine and illegal firearms in Montmorency County.

Sgt. Mike Mshar was passing two Oakland County men in a slow-moving vehicle when the driver stopped to talk. Mshar noticed the passenger put something under his seat. He asked the passenger to step out of the vehicle, and a bag of cocaine fell on the ground.

Meanwhile, another DNR officer and the passenger’s father arrived. Officers suspected that the father was drunk and tested him. He failed. They say he had a load pistol, which is illegal while drunk.


Officers found more cocaine and three rifles in the first vehicle, and a second pistol and rifle in the father’s vehicle.

The men in the first vehicle each face two felony charges, one for possessing cocaine and one for possessing a firearm with illegal drugs.

The father of the passenger faces two misdemeanor charges, operating while intoxicated and possessing a firearm while intoxicated.

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