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Gaylord, Kalkaska restaurants matching donations to Toys for Tots

You can make a contribution to a good cause and eat a delicious local meal while you’re at it.

Four Northern Michigan restaurants are having their donations to Toys for Tots matched by up to $1,000. Alpine Tavern and Eatery and Crave Pasta, Pizza and Pub in Gaylord are participating, along with Moose and Stella Café and Trout Town Tavern and Eatery in Kalkaska.

The owner of Alpine and Crave hope to donate up to $8,000 to the campaign.


“We really love the train program. It gives the customers a chance to get engaged right away when they’re in the restaurant and get that feeling with the holidays and with all the need that’s out there,” Gary Kosch, the Kosch Restaurants Owner, said.

The donations will be divided between the Gaylord and Kalkaska Communities.

And if you want to know more about Toys for Tots or how you can contribute, click here.

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