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Former Hillman Fire Board office manager charged with embezzling thousands of dollars

MONTMORENCY COUNTY — A former office manager for the Hillman Fire Board has been charged with embezzling tens of thousands of dollars.

Michigan State Police say they were notified about Donna Marie Szlag from a member of the Fire Board back in 2022.

Szlag worked assisted the fire chief, handled EMS scheduling, paying bills and making equipment purchases. Troopers say she was paid by direct deposit but would remove herself from the program, get paid by check, and then delete the record of the check.


They also say Szlag would make equipment purchases on her personal credit card, then reimburse herself. But the Fire Board’s treasurer says the reimbursement amounts didn’t match the equipment costs.

Szlag is estimated to have embezzled between $35,700 and $45,098.

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