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Deputies hope hunters can help locate body of missing woman they suspect was murdered

OGEMAW COUNTY — The Ogemaw County Sheriff’s Office is asking deer hunters in Mills and Richland Townships to look for anything suspicious while they’re out hunting.

Kelly McWhirter, a retired secretary of the Genesee County Sheriff’s Office, was last seen on Oct. 14. Investigators believe her estranged husband, Steven Higgins, killed McWhirter and dumped her body in the woods. He was spotted in Ogemaw County before killing himself on Oct. 18 during a traffic stop.

Deputies say several tips have indicated that McWhirter’s body is buried somewhere in the area of Mills and Richland Townships. Please be on the lookout for dirt that appears disturbed, unexplained ruts in and around trails, or anything out of the ordinary.

If anything looks suspicious, please call the Ogemaw County Sheriff’s Office at 989-345-3111 or Ogemaw Central Dispatch at 989-345-9911.

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