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Hook & Hunting: DNR talks about what to expect for firearm deer season

Bow hunting season is still underway, but hunters are gearing up for firearm season.

The season starts Nov. 15, and the DNR said the deer population is plentiful this fall in the Lower Peninsula.

Just over 55,000 have been harvested so far in Michigan. Last year, the yield was more than 300,000 harvested, and they said the high numbers will hold for this season as well.

The biggest change from last year is the online reporting map, which now allows hunters to report at the township level.

“Hopefully with the weather cooling down, the right should be starting if it hasn’t already. Deer are going to be moving around. I think it’s lining up to be a hopefully a good, good firearm opener,” Steve Griffith, a DNR wildlife habitat biologist, said.

Hunter’s Choice deer regulations have also returned this year.

You can click here find out more information about reporting your harvest, or you can click here for more information about this year’s hunting season.