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Ray Minervini awarded for revitalization of the old Traverse City State Hospital

TRAVERSE CITY — On Tuesday, the Rotary Club of Traverse City honored the man behind the village project that revitalized the old Traverse City State Hospital to The Village at Grand Traverse Commons.

It was a packed room filled with standing ovations and cheers as Ray Minervini was awarded the Paul Harris Service Above Self Award for the impact he made on the community.

“Why is Traverse City’s downtown so beautiful? Because of the mix of uses and the layering of those uses and the scale. So the idea was to convert this property into something like that,” says Minervini’s son, Raymond Minervini.


When Ray walked to the podium to receive his award, the whole room stood up.

“You can only talk about things for so long and then you just gotta get up and go do it which is what we did with the help of our staff,” says Ray.

“I appreciate it, its heartfelt, thank you,” he added.

You can learn more about the Club here.

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