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Central Michigan University gives law enforcement officers a chance to earn their degree

ISABELLA COUNTY — Central Michigan University Innovation and Online is partnering with Michigan State Police to offer a unique opportunity for higher education.

Nearly 17,000 Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards certified officers could be impacted.

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This collaboration is an opportunity for these certified officers to earn an undergraduate or graduate degree to help advance their professional skills and leadership within MSP. CMU’s ability to offer flexible distance and online learning opportunites makes this the perfect pairing.

“I just know that we’re really excited. We’re fired up as part of this initiative. And I know that as the months and years go on, we’re going to build this initiative out and CMU is going to be a major player with the Michigan State Police,” said Al Zainea, Executive Director of Academic and Professional Programs for CMU.

The two groups say they hope this will make a positive impact for certified officers and the communities they serve.

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