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Excellence in Education: Lindsay Rubin from Lakeland High School

This week’s Michigan Lottery Excellence in Education Winner is Lindsay Rubin from Lakeland High School.

Let me read you a letter that I got a copy of about Lindsay. “You used to always tell us that you were our DECA mom, and you truly were. And even though we might have graduated, you’re still that to us, and I know so many other kids.”

Q: Why is it important, in your opinion, to teach students business, and then also marketing skills?

A: By having those kids learn those skills, they can see that they can just do about anything that is out there. You love to see them excel and grow and do something that they love, and it all started in your class.

Lindsay from Lakeland High School receives a $2,000 check from the Michigan Lottery.

Excellence in Education Awards sponsored by the Michigan Lottery - providing more than $27 billion to public education since 1972.