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Cedarville High School offers a hands-on learning program impacting students and the community

A career and Technological program at Cedarville High School is making an impact in students’ education and in the community.

“We started this about three years ago. We started building a couple small things, like outbuildings. We did a couple of Habitat for Humanity projects, which was awesome. The kids really got into it. We did a ramp for an older guy who was handicapped. We also did a deck for a lady. We’ve also done a ticket booth here at the school, so we’ve done some projects like that. At one point we also remodeled our weight room, made a significant change to that, and as it built, we just kind of thought maybe we’d continue on. I really had a deep desire to build a home. We had that opportunity last year and it was a major success and we’re hoping we can continue in the future doing the same thing,” said CTE Program Director Scott Barr.

The CTE program allows students to get outside the classroom and put what they’ve learned into action while helping the community.


“It shows the applicable side of how math can be used in the fields. And it’s great watching, you know, teaching kids rise and run, going into the field, them building stringers, building their own rafters at times. You know, we’re we do a lot of square footage, volume lessons like that. They get to see it on the practical side of doing foundations. It’s just awesome to see it come to life. And the kids are really buying in,” said Barr.

Businesses in Cedarville are seeing the impact of the program and want to continue to see it grow. That’s why Ace Hardware and First National Bank collaborated to do something special.

“The thought that came across to me, having two teenagers, you know, sending them to school with these $50, $60 hoodies, I just felt that it’s tough for parents to come back with their kids with pain and shock and sawdust all over these hoodies that these parents are working for. So I wanted to step up, partner up with a local bank, First National Bank of St. Ignace and help offset some of that cost for the parents in the area,” said Cedarville Ace Hardware owner Chris Ritchie.

Which is why Chris and Fred Ryerson, President of First National Bank of St. Ignace, donated Milwaukee heated hoodies to the students in the program to ensure they are properly equipped during the Northern Michigan winters.


“I think there is a great shift taking place where there are alternative forms of education other than college and college is a great path, but it’s not the only path. And if we can take youngsters and take a real-life skill and build off of that or introduce them to some different skill sets that they can continue their education, I’m all for that,” said Ritchie.

Students of the program said it has opened their eyes and made an impact as they decide their future paths after high school.

“It’s definitely given me like a wide variety of different choices on what, like electrician or like a contractor. Different things I can do after I get out of high school. If I decide to go the trade route, then it’s definitely a good wide variety of things,” said Cedarville junior Lexi Hatch.

“It’s a great class. My personal favorite. And I just love getting out in the fields, going through the whole process. I learn new things every day in this class, and it’s really just taught me just basic skills in life and also things I will need to know if I go into the construction field later in life. So yeah, it’s just a great program,” CTE student Eli Krino said.

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