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The Four

Going on a trip? The LCI Pet Resort in Cedarville treats your furry friend like family!

Finding the right place for your furry friends to stay while you’re at work or on a vacation can be a difficult task, but the LCI Pet Resort in Cedarville understands that a dog is truly part of the family and that’s how they will be treated at the resort.

“To this day, our goal is to make your pet’s experience here at the Pet Resort as enjoyable, relaxing and as safe as possible. Cory and I love animals and believe that they should be treated like one of the family. We don’t care for the idea of pets in cages, so we keep their time there to an absolute minimum.”

Our Lifestyle Reporter, Rachel Rademacher went to Cedarville to talk with owners Cindy & Cory about the LCI Pet Resort.

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