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Excellence in Education: Melissa Brown from Mona Shores High School

This week’s Michigan Lottery Excellence in Education Winner is Melissa Brown from Mona Shores High School.

Mel Brown is a determined, dedicated and down-to-earth teacher with a plainspoken demeanor that the students love and gravitate towards. She’s an amazing teacher, role model and mentor to our youth.

Q: What’s that like for you when a student gets it?

A: That is the reward, isn’t it? I have a lot of kids who go on my trip to France. Those kids develop so much confidence. It’s just ... makes me so proud that I could just be a part of that journey and help them see what they’re capable of and what kind of positive changes they can make, not just for their own lives, but for their community as well. That’s the stuff I love.

Melissa from Mona Shores High School receives a $2,000 check from the Michigan Lottery.

Excellence in Education Awards sponsored by the Michigan Lottery - providing more than $27 billion to public education since 1972.