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Cadillac Skate Park hit by vandals again

CADILLAC — The city of Cadillac is back at it cleaning up a skate park that has once again been hit with vandalism.

The Chris Blackburn Memorial Skate Park had to be shut down after someone or a group of people vandalized it.

Cadillac’s Department of Public Works Director, Owen Roberts, the vandals left profanity, swastikas, and inappropriate images everywhere.


“We just want to find them so that we can keep the park open for those that want to use it,” said Roberts.

Equipment was also damaged, creating a hazard to people who want to use the park.

Roberts said this type of incident has happened several times over the summer and although it’s not expensive to clean-up, the city said it is time consuming to clean-up and unfair to the people who want to enjoy the park, especially, with the warmer temperatures of summer slipping away.

“There was some damage to some of the frames where some parts were pulled apart and some welds broken. That’s cause some of the metal to be exposed and hanging and dangerous. And there’s also quite a bit of graffiti once again done to a number of the sections of the park. And with the graffiti come some words that we don’t want seen and advertised here in the city,” said Roberts.


The skate park is dedicated to the memory of a Cadillac teen who died in a snowboarding accident who also loved to skateboard.

If you have any information on who is behind the vandalism, contact Cadillac police.

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