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Cadillac Public Library undergoes roof renovations

The Cadillac Public Library will be undergoing roof renovation for the next two weeks.

The last addition to the roof was in the 1990s where they put a secondary roof over the original roof. These will be removed a new roof will be added.

They have been saving for this project for several years, and have been trying to get it replaced before the COVID pandemic.


The cost to replace the roof is around $300,000, and they paid for the renovation through a Capital Improvement Plan, anticipating the future cost of such projects.

“We understand that certain things are going to live out. Their lifespan will need to get replaced regularly. Things like carpets and windows and roofs and water heaters and things like that. And we have known for a while that our roof was reaching end of life,” Traci Logan-Walker, the library director for the Cadillac Public Library, said.

Although no further renovations are anticipated in the future, the library hopes to one day expand the building.

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