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Haley’s Hot Takes: Shakira, Heinz, and More!

The Golden Globes have announced two new awards for this years show. One is Best Cinematic and Box Office Achievement and Best Performance in Stand-up Comedy on Television. You can watch the awards show in January of 2024!

Bruce Springsteen has announced that he has to cancel the rest of his shows this year due to illness. Due to doctor’s orders, he will need to continue treatment for his peptic ulcer disease for the rest of 2023. In the coming weeks he will announce new dates for the concerts cancelled.

Shakira has been charged for tax invasion for the second time. The Spanish government claims she owes six million dollars in taxes from the year 2018. Shakira denies this. Her first trial of tax invasion starts in November.


Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have agreed to keep their kids in New York City while they figure out divorce agreement. This is a story we have been following for the past few weeks. Hopefully, they come to a fair and good agreement.

Heinz, the ketchup brand is shipping Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce! During last weeks football game, Swift was seen eating a chicken tender with ketchup and “seemingly ranch”. Now this sauce is not new and it actually called “Kranch”, but for a limited time Heinz will change the label.

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