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How the changing seasons impact favorite Northern Michigan Businesses

CADILLAC — The return of fall means the return of fall tourism to Northern Michigan, and businesses are booming with the warm temperatures entering the season.

Many of these businesses are dependent on the weather to stay open, or even to keep capacity levels higher.

“A nice fall day will be our busiest day in the year,” says Peninsula Cellars tasting room manager David Wheelock.


Businesses around Northern Michigan, including Eldorado Golf Course, rely on the beautiful fall weather to stay open.

“This time of the year we don’t plug our greens until late October, so this course will be in great shape right until the bitter end, and we got cart pads all the way around so when most courses might be shutting her down, too wet, too cold, we let golfers dictate to us when to shut her down,” says Don Smith, director of Eldorado Golf Course.

For others like Peninsula Cellars, it’s a chance to get some extra seating outdoors to bring in some extra dough before the cold weather hits.

“We usually will double the amount of people we will see on a typical weekend in October compared to a weekend in august, sometimes it will triple, it just really depends,” says Wheelock.


When the warm weather sticks around, it gives people time to enjoy the beautiful fall colors.

“The first part of these colors here are starting to change and then the next week it gets brighter and brighter and on days like today the course, my guys got it in the best shape ever,” says Smith.

But even when the cool air hits, seasons are extended for as long as the community allows.

“Boy you know what, we feed off of their energy,” says Smith.


And giving even more of a reason for tourists to come and enjoy the taste of fall, all while watching the fall foliage.

“We have sweet wine we have dry wines; we have sweet ciders and sangrias, we love the busy season it’s what every business up here thrives on this time of the year, we are ready to go, we are fully staffed, and we love all the people we can get,” says Wheelock.

You can schedule a wine tasting with Peninsula Cellars here.

You can schedule a tee time with Eldorado Golf Course here.


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