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The Four

Northern Michigan 4th graders head to Boyne Falls for the 25th annual Harvest Days

This week, over 1,000 4th graders across Northern Michigan are spending the day in Boyne Falls to see what life was like in the past. The four-day learning experience is called Student Harvest Days and takes place at the Antique Flywheelers.

“We have 15, 15-minute demonstrations and four, 30-minute demonstrations. So, they’re busy all day long,” said co-chair Karen Jarema. “They think when you need a 2x4 that you jump in the car, and you go to Lowe’s. We show them the tree, we show them how you cut the tree, how you plane the tree, all of the process of that.”

From basket-making to operating the grist mill, making clothes and much more, these students get a look into the effort that went into small everyday tasks. This year is the 25th anniversary for Student Harvest Days, made possible by the hundreds of volunteers that step up year after year.


“So much of history has been removed from our daily lives nowadays, and this gives them a view into the past. I can identify with some of these kids and the excitement of getting to see something that’s old and unusual and something they haven’t seen,” said volunteer David Bell.

It’s a memory and an experience that Northern Michigan 4th graders will never forget.

“It’s just cool. I just like being here because I like antique stuff,” said 4th grade student Olivia Carlson.

Student Harvest Days ran all week and wrapped up on Thursday.

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