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Traverse City man charged with stabbing two people in one night

UPDATE 9/26/23 1:50 p.m.

The suspect charged with felonious assault been identified as Foster Mudget from Traverse City.

9/20/23 6:05 p.m.


A 32-year-old Traverse City man was arrested after showing up at the 13th Circuit Court Lobby Tuesday afternoon.

This comes after a stabbing at the Coin Slot Downtown Traverse City Sunday Night.

The suspect also stabbed the witness of the assault in a separate encounter the same night near the men’s trail on South Division Street before running into the pines.

The Traverse City Police Department says the search for the suspect included assistance from the Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office.


“When conducting any searches we take several factors into consideration, including public safety and officer safety. For this incident, we determined that drone surveillance was the best option due to the dense vegetation and the potential for officer safety risk,” Lt. Adam Gray from the Traverse City Police Department said.

The man is currently housed in the Grand Traverse County Jail waiting on arraignment.

9/19/23 6:50 p.m.

Traverse City Police have found who they say stabbed two men Sunday night.


Police said the first stabbing happened Sunday night after an argument. The first man was cut on his right forearm and was taken tot he hospital by a friend from Traverse City.

When he was leaving the hospital, he and the suspected stabber saw each other and started fighting, police said.

Police said the man from Traverse City was stabbed in the chest during the fight and walked back into the hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

The original victim has since been released from the hospital.

The suspect has been charged with assault with the intent to commit bodily harm.

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