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Save a life - maybe your own - with early colorectal cancer screenings

When a friend of loved one is battling cancer it affects everyone in their orbit from family, to colleagues, to friends. Colorectal cancer in particular has been seeing an increase in those affected over the past decade and what was once seen as an issue for those over 55 is now becoming commonplace for those in their 40s.

The problem that this misconception is causing is that people are getting screened for colorectal cancer too late for doctors to treat. Catching this disease early is critical to being able to address the health concerns and potentially cure the ailment.

The American Cancer Society now suggests that if you have a family history of cancer that you get screened as young at 35 and if you do not have a family history of cancer as early as 40. Although the process is often misconstrued as an intimidating process, doctors make the screenings approachable and available for all.

For more information, visit the American Cancer Society website.

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