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Lieutenant Brian Giddis retires from Grand Traverse Sheriff’s Office after over 26 years of serving the community

Lieutenant Brian Giddis said goodbye to his daily routine after more than 26 years of serving the community.

“I joked yesterday with my wife that I hope that next week I don’t drive here instead of my new job,” says Lt. Giddis.

On Tuesday, the Grand Travis Sheriff’s Office honored Lt. Giddis who started with the team way back in March of 1997. Since then, he has responded to thousands of calls, and he said that every time he hears sirens, he knew exactly why they were blaring.


For a job that isn’t easy, he says his coworkers, that he calls his family, made coming to work better. Although his family will miss him, they are happy for him.

“I would know what those sirens are for, what happens maybe not at that moment but the next day I knew all about it. I think it will be refreshing to not have that knowledge of everything that goes on and I can really enjoy the peace that this agency provides for the community,” says Lt. Giddis.

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