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Consumers Energy: A Force for You - The Importance of Undergrounding

Consumers Energy is committed to strengthening the power grid and reducing the number and length of power outages in northern Michigan. Recently, the company announced it is looking to bury power lines in order to strengthen the power grid and make it more reliable for customers. This pilot program will allow Consumer’s Energy to learn even more about how to bury lines in ways that keep costs as low as possible, allowing them to bury additional lines in the future.

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Consumers Energy has announced this targeted undergrounding pilot program – pending approval from the Michigan Public Service Commission – to better understand how to bury power lines in the most cost-effective way that strengthens the power grid and makes it more reliable.

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There are a number of benefits for customers when power lines are buried underground. Buried power lines are protected from lightning, high winds, tornadoes, heavy snow, ice and falling tree limbs, one of the most common reasons for outages. The ultimate goal is to reduce power outages and make the grid more reliable for our customers. Burying power lines is just one tool in our growing toolbox that we can use to prevent outages from impacting our customers. We are committed to delivering more reliable, resilient energy for every customer.

For more information on the Undergrounding Pilot and the many programs in place to better serve you, visit the Consumer’s Energy website.