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Cherryland Humane Society in desperate need of dog food, other pet supplies

Shelves that were once full are now running empty at the Cherryland Humane Society.

“Shelters across the country right now are beyond capacity. It went from being okay, to we’re getting pretty full, to I think it’s like kind of like across the country, shelters are full and that includes our shelter, including animal control, who we share a building with. And when you have, you know, 40 dogs to feed, it’s a lot of food,” says Communications and Marketing Manager, Naomi Washburn.

The Humane Society not only cares for the dogs in the shelter, but helps out with foster home dogs and animal control.


“And we also have some dogs in foster homes in addition to being full here at the shelter. And when you foster an animal, we provide food and supplies for them as well,” says Washburn.

But food donations are not the only things Cherryland Humane Society needs, you can adopt animals!

“People should come in and meet the dogs. There’s so many good ones, like so many, that the people that work and volunteer here at Cherryland and are just like wishing we could take more animals home. So come and come and meet some animals. Come and meet. You know, maybe you’re your forever companion. Like Mellow Yellow here that just wants to be loved,” says Washburn.

And you can also donate other necessities like cleaning supplies and enrichment toys and treats.


“We need cleaning supplies and we also need so we need we use Odorband for cleaning, and bleach. We need 33 gallon or larger garbage bags. We also can use Frontline for dogs and cats, for the flora bones things like that will enrich our dogs lives too, and cats as well. We’re just very full with dogs right now. So, you know, things that your dogs at home like ready to fall over,” says Washburn.

And making donations are easy.

“We have a bin outside all the time, or you can leave donations at the door. But we are open for walk ins Wednesday through Friday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. But you can bring donations even when we’re not open,” says Washburn.

“We have so many dogs at the shelter with the similar temperament, they are just sweethearts,” she adds.

For more information on how to donate you can visit Cherryland Humane Society website.

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