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Archangel Gabriel Orthodox Church offering its flower garden to view the Northern Lights

Looking to catch those amazing Northern Lights?

A Northern Michigan church is offering up an amazing place to check them out.

Father Ciprian Streza of the Archangel Gabriel Orthodox Church in Acme said its flower garden is doubling as a dark sky park.


Streza said when they were building the facility back in 2020, they made sure they could turn out the lights because they had heard what a great spot it was to see the spectacular light show.

They’ve even partnered up with the Michigan Aurora Hunters to give guidance on the best way to see and capture the Northern Lights.

The founder of the skygazing group, Peggy Sue Zinn, it’s a great spot to see the sky away from the light pollution of the city but there’s lots of other great amenities at this spot.

“It can be a wonderful, safe place to go because there’s monitoring here it is got surveillance so that women are safe to come up here alone. It is one of the best handicapped accessible spaces in Michigan, because we have such a large area that is able to have walkers and wheelchairs. We have benches for people to sit on. And it is just such a blessing to have this space,” said Zinn.


Zinn said there should be more opportunities later this week for watching the Northern Lights.

You can also find out more about the Archangel Gabriel Orthodox Church or the Michigan Aurora Hunters.

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