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Ames Street Café in Elk Rapids says people are vandalizing their building

A restaurant in Elk Rapids says people keep vandalizing their building.

Ames Street Café has an American flag and a pride flag hanging on the front of their business.

The owner, Alicia Gualco, says that people have come at least four times in the middle of the night with a sledgehammer and break the flag pole mounts.


She believes security camera footage from the restaurant shows the people who are guilty of vandalizing their business.

“I’m disheartened that there is this kind of hateful behavior going on in our community. I want everyone to feel like the café and Elk Rapids in general is a safe place.” Said Gualco. “I don’t think that freedom exists. If you can’t marry your best friend.”

The Elk Rapids Police Department says they’re investigating the situation.

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