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St. Ignace hosts 27th annual Richard Crane Memorial Truck Show

Downtown St. Ignace was the place to be today if you love big rigs and camaraderie.

“It’s definitely a cool place to be,” says Nolan Curtis.

The 27th Annual Richard crane memorial truck show is wrapping up this evening after two days of trucks, vendors and live music.


Around 150 trucks converged on State Street and The Little Bear East for the annual event.

The young, and young at heart, spent a part of their weekend checking out the stylish rigs.

Despite the economy not being as robust as previous years, organizers say the turnout was good.

One 19-year-old Gaylord man said he has been coming to this truck show since he was born.


“Everybody is here just to enjoy trucks. Even if there is a competition, everybody is still here for the same enjoy the trucks. You can appreciate how much time it takes to build it, how much time goes into it, and it’s just something everyone can gather over and enjoy,” says Curtis.

The event wrapped up Saturday night with the parade of lights.

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