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The Four

Germany takes home the gold in the first International Fireworks Championship

Germany won both the juried competition and Best of Show in Traverse City’s very first International Firework Championship!

The juried title was awarded by a panel of pyrotechnic experts, while Best of Show was given through a popular vote of those attending the fireworks championship. The awards reflected choreography, synchronization to music, design and overall experience of the performance.

“This is an honor for our whole team,” said Timo Luettmann of the German team. “We take great pride in all our performances, and to get the recognition by our peers and the public is tremendously gratifying,” added teammate Daniel Schaeffler.


Four teams from Mexico, Germany, France and the U.S. qualified for the competition. Each country worked as a team, but most team members have their own firework companies back home. Their work has been displayed at places like Disney and the Eiffel Tour!

Teams spent months putting together a fireworks show choreographed to a musical soundtrack. Each team had the same materials and guidelines for the competition, but the rest was up to them.

Tickets for the event sold out multiple times, so make sure to mark your calendar for next year!


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