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The Backswing

The Backswing: Episode 4

Mackinac Island’s Wawashkamo Golf Club is one of Michigan’s oldest active golf courses, offering an unforgettable experience for all - from the journey to the course itself, to some truly unique equipment you likely won’t find anywhere else in the state. Explore this timeless piece of history in this episode of The Backswing.

The Backswing, sponsored by Shanty Creek Resort, takes viewers along on a tour of interesting people in the golf industry: highlighting personalities, places, and stories that are unique to Northern Michigan.

The cinematic documentary-style episodes will offer an immersive glimpse into the local golf industry and special services available near you. Join us to uncover what makes golf in our region truly one of a kind: tour a solar powered course, meet a man who makes handmade clubs, and see what goes into maintaining some of Northern Michigan’s most prestigious courses. The Backswing segment will stream weekly from August 14 through September 29. The Backswing season finale will air as a 30 minute special on the following days and stations:


9&10 News: October 7, 7:30PM

Local 32: October 8, 10:30AM

The Backswing is made possible by our sponsor, Shanty Creek Resort – with 5 championship courses: 90 holes. One Resort.

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