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Benzonia man charged with harassing law enforcement, government officials

A Benzonia man has been charged for aggravated stalking and other charges, accused of harassing law enforcement and government officials in the county.

State Police got a complaint about 46-year-old Ryan Welsh King back in May. A local narcotics team said King had been leaving vulgar messages, claiming police corruption at their office. The team commander told King to stop contacting the office, but he continued.

King also allegedly contacted other government organization around Benzie County with vulgar messages. Detectives say they have numerous voicemails and phone conversations as evidence.

An arrest warrent was issued on Aug. 31. King is charged with one count Aggravated Stalking, one count Using a Computer to Commit a Crime, one count Malicious Use of Telecommunications Device, one count False Report of Misdemeanor, and Habitual Offender Third. He was given a $100,000 bond.

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