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Alpena County woman charged with stealing thousands from her former boyfriend’s parents

An Alpena-area woman has been charged with stealing a debit card from the parents of a man she dated and racking up more than $20,000 on it.

The couple was in Florida earlier this year when the husband started getting notifications about insufficient funds in his account. He told troopers he didn’t normally use that card in Florida, so he hadn’t realize it was missing. The charges were also on Cash App, which he said he didn’t use.

Through their investigation, troopers believe 44-year-old Alicia Lee Hanson from Spruce had stolen the card when she dated their son briefly back in December.

Hanson was arrested and charged with three counts Stealing/Using a Financial Transaction Device, and two counts Using a Computer to Commit a Crime. The fraudulent transactions totaled $22,723.

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