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Mackinac Bridge will no longer accept Canadian cash for tolls

The Mackinac Bridge Authority says they will no longer accept Canadian cash at toll booths due to limited use and exchange costs.

When they get Canadian currency, the MBA says they have to get exchange rates from two different banks. After choosing a bank based on the rates, they have to pay for an armored vehicle to transport the cash and pay wire fees.

Because of those costs and the exchange rate, people using Canadian cash are typically paying double the amount in U.S. dollars.


“We do have a lot of Canadian customers who currently use credit or debit cards to pay the toll,” Nowack said. “Those customers get a better exchange rate through their credit card company than we can offer them. In fact, when they learn that the toll will be double when paying with cash, many of them choose to pay by card instead.”

The MBA also ended their token reimbursement program at the end of last year.

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