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Creativity unleashed at the Chalk Art Competition at National Cherry Festival

One of the many things that makes the National Cherry Festival so special are the family friendly activities.

And one of those events is the Chalk Art Competition.

Eric Brazeal go the chance to chat with one of the organizers about the event and what it’s like to be a National Cherry Festival Ambassador.


“Yes. So it’s about a four hour shift to become an ambassador, as some may say, and that’s just volunteering your time out of your day. Some people volunteer their vacation time, their time with their family. It is very, very welcomed. And you’re just putting on the festival, really. It’s all volunteers,” Lydia Derk, a National Cherry Festival Volunteer, said.

The Chalk Art Competition brought families from across the country together for some creative fun.

And for more information about being a volunteer at the Cherry Festival or to check out the rest of the fun, click here.

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