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Love Ludington Weekend Packs the Streets to Celebrate Sesquicentennial

The streets of Ludington will be packed all weekend as people celebrate the city’s 150th birthday.

The Love Ludington Weekend celebration is the kickoff to events happening all summer for the city’s sesquicentennial. The events will give people a chance to celebrate and see how far Ludington has come in it’s 150 years.

The Executive Director of the Mason County Historical Society, Rebecca Berringer, says the Legacy Plaza was once just trees, and has now grown to be the centerpiece of the community.


“It’s really a beautiful community that’s thriving today thanks to the wonderful legacies left behind by our lumber barons,” Berringer says.

Day one of the Love Ludington Weekend on Friday was their Downtown Street Party that featured all kinds of events including vendors, games and a concert in the middle of Ludington Avenue. Plus, they had a parade with the Budweiser Clydesdale horses as they delivered beer to bars through downtown Ludington.

The night wrapped up with a firework display and continues all weekend with the Lake Stride half marathon on Saturday and tours from the historical society all weekend long.

“It’s just an opportunity for the community to get together and just see what we’re about, understanding how we cam to be and looking at what we have today and being thankful of where we’re at,” said Ludington’s Mayor Mark Barnett.


Click here to find the events happening all year celebrating Ludington’s sesquicentennial.

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