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Traverse City Police Department Looking for Man Who Stole Pride Sign From Someone’s Front Yard

An investigation was opened in Traverse City after a pride sign was stolen from a resident’s yard.

The Traverse City Police Department is looking for the community’s help in identifying the suspect.

As shown in the video above, a man ran to steal a pride sign from the residence before quickly driving off. TCPD wants to remind everyone that stealing signs, no matter the affiliation, is a crime and could result in a larceny charge.


The police department’s LGBT Liaison Officer, Krista Fryczynski, says that this doesn’t just affect one individual.

“Just remember, incidences and crimes like this don’t affect just one person. It affects the entire community of people. So just please be mindful of your actions and how they may affect others,” Fryczynski said.

If you recognized the vehicle or person in this video, please contact Fryczynski at

You can also check out this Sign Replacement Fund that Up North Pride put together to help raise funds to replace stolen and vandalized signs in the community.

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