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Air Quality Will be Monitored for Health Issues

In Northern Michigan, we have not seen nearly the air quality issues of the eastern seaboard or even southeast Michigan but some of the more southern parts of our viewing area are included in moderate air quality warnings.

As the fires continue to burn, depending on how winds shift, that could change. The state is not recommending mask usage but it is an option. They are recommending maybe not going out and pushing yourself, unless needed.

If you are healthy, you should be safe from any major issues while outside.


“The only thing that you will probably notice, unless you have asthma or respiratory issues is harder breathing,” said Alec Kownacki of EGLE’s Air Quality Division. “Healthy folks, you may just notice some irritation on your eyes. I’ve had some friends and family notice dry throats, maybe some coughing after being outside but really it’s just the exertion because you’re breathing in more, you are exerting yourself.”

There is no timeline for how long the fires will be going, or if more will pop up, and EGLE says it will be a daily thing to monitor for the next few weeks.

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