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The One Up XP Show - Episode 79: Combat Master, Esports & Coffee, NMC

This week Klam and I take you into a mobile game that was ported to pc called Combat Master! It is a clone of Call of Duty! To a T! We jump in and check out what this game has to offer!

We sit down with the amazing ladies of Esports & Coffee for our second segment of the show! AJ, Jacquie and Sari joined me to talk about their podcast, their amazing positions in the esports universe and what they are trying to accomplish with their respected positions!

We also sit down with Dr. Terri Gustafson of NMC to talk about the brand new Esports certificate that they are rolling out to students in January of 2024!

For more information on Esports & Coffee:

For more information on NMC Esports:


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