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Crafting with the Katies: Make a Spring Time Candle with a Flower Pot!

Spring has certainly sprung (but we are ready for those summer temperatures!), and this DIY will really get you in the spring mood!

This DIY flower pot candle is perfect for any gardener or candle lover in your life!

What you’ll need to make this DIY:

  • Soy candle wax
  • Cotton wick and penny or a pretabbed wick
  • Flower pot (preferably one without a drainage hole)
  • Hot glue
  • Two large pots
  • Stove and water
  • Skewers
  • Scissors

Step one: Take one of the large pots and put a bit of water in it to boil.

Step two: Take your other pot and fill it with your candle wax. You’ll want to put a lot more than you may think you need in your pot, it melts down quick!

Step three: Once your pot with the water is boiling, set your other pot inside. This is called double boiler, and will help melt your wax.

Step four: While you wait for your wax to melt, start prepping your candle wick. If you have a pretabbed wick, go ahead and stick that at the bottom of your flower pot. If your pot has a drainage hole, place your tab over the hole.

If you do not have pretabbed wicks, cut your wick to about the size of your flower pot. You can even braid three strands together to help make your wick stronger. Take your penny and hot glue the end of your wick to it, Make sure it has dried before gluing the penny to the bottom of your pot. If your pot has a drainage hole, place your penny over the hole. Make sure your glue has completely dried before pouring your wax.

Step five: Once you’ve seen your wax has melted completely, and your wick has been secured to the bottom of your pot, pour your wax into your pot slowly.

Step six: Take two skewers and place them on either side of your wick. This helps your wick stay in the middle of your candle.

Step seven: Let your candle sit overnight to dry.

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