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New Educational Mural Comes To Petoskey

People will soon be able to enjoy a new mural in downtown Petoskey.

The new artwork, by Michigan artist Sarah Landstrom, is being created on the side of the Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council building.

The mural has been in the works for the past few weeks and is expected to be completed in two more weeks, weather permitting.


Calla Beers, the water resources communications specialist with The Tip Of The Mitt Watershed Council, said the goal of the new mural is to provide an educational experience to the Petoskey community and to visitors.

“It’s really themed around rain gardens, like how we have it in the front of our building here in downtown. And basically what a rain garden is, is a nature based stormwater infrastructure piece that can help filter water as it rains down and picks up pollution along the way,” said Beers.

The Tip Of The Mitt Watershed Council said they plan to incorporate QR codes so people can get a self-guided tour anytime they want. The mural is funded by the Oleson Foundation and the Petoskey Harbor Springs Community Foundation.

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