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National Cherry Festival Announces Final Candidates for 2023-24 National Cherry Queen

The National Cherry Festival in Traverse City will be here before we know it.

And the final four candidates for the 2023-2024 National Cherry Queen have been announced. Carmen Beemer, Estelle Eichberger, Emma McGuire and Callie Thomas have all been chosen to be on the queen’s court this year, and one of them will be crowned as the new National Cherry Queen at the end of the festival.

They’ll be judged on various aspects from interaction with the public to public speaking. They’ll also have the opportunity to represent the cherry capital at several other festivals throughout the country, and will receive a college scholarship of $8,500.


“Locally she attends lots of school functions, reads to children, does a lot of things and of course during the festival is our ambassador for everything it is we do. Our court will each receive 1250 dollars, so we’ll give over $12,000 out to these lovely young ladies after the festival,” Kat Paye, NCF Executive Director, said.

For more information on this year’s cherry court, click here.

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