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Full-service rentals for Soo Locks workers open in Chippewa Co.

UPDATE 7/18/23 6:30 p.m.

A project in Chippewa County to house Soo Locks construction workers got its first tenant Monday and held an open house Tuesday.

The Kinross Project is located in Kincheloe, near the Chippewa County International Airport and 20 minutes south of the locks.


Delays in material pushed back move-in, but on Tuesday the camp manager was finally able to show first responders and other dignitaries the property.

“That’s generally what we do for safety for the fire department, for the police, for the local community and the first responders. They get a walkthrough in the facility [to] know where everything is, who to talk to, where they pull in, the easiest routes,” said Justun Curry, camp manager.

Curry says they will fill 72 rooms this year and another 72 next year, and around 150 in three years.

5/30/23 6:25 p.m.


A huge housing project in Chippewa County will be specifically tailored to those working at the Soo Locks.

The temporary rental units will be located in Kincheloe, about a 20-minute drive from Sault Ste. Marie. Kinross Township is leasing the land to Southeastern Disaster Relief Services.

By the end of June, around 100 apartments will be available for rent. By June of next year, that number will double, with more to come in the following years.

Included in the rent (about $3,000 a month) is three meals a day, internet, cable, housekeeping, security and transportation to and from the locks. The county says this will help workers and free up housing for residents and tourists.


“They were taking up hotel spaces that are badly needed for our tourism industry and this really resolves that issue because it provides modern housing for these workers,” Chris Olson, Chippewa County EDC president.

After the locks project is completed, the units will be removed. All the water lines and electricity will remain for future developers.

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