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Top News: 6-Year-Old Girl Dies Days After Crash - and More

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Here are 10 stories from the past week that had a big impact on Northern Michigan. And be sure to check out our weekly news quiz.

1. 6-Year-Old Passes Away After Crash in Montcalm Co.

An update on Twitter from Michigan State Police Thursday afternoon says that the 6-year-old child involved in the car crash with her mother, has passed away from her injuries. A fiery crash had left a 29-year-old woman and her 6-year-old daughter from Crystal in critical condition Monday morning, officials say. Troopers from the Lakeview Post arrived on the scene of a head-on crash that happened just before 6:30 a.m. on Sidney Road near Stevenson. Troopers say a 37-year-old man from Crystal crossed the centerline while driving eastbound. Troopers say that after crossing the centerline, the car crashed head-on with a Subaru driven by the 29-year-old woman with her daughter in the backseat. The Subaru then caught fire.


2. Manton Twins Create Family and Success Through the Northern Michigan Dragway

Sixteen-year-old Manton twins Shania and John started racing at a young age. First snowmobiles, and now cars and trucks at the Northern Michigan Dragway. Friday, they had their first race of the season. But a few days prior to the race, the twins opened up about what it is they love about racing and how the sport has helped them grow as young adults.

3. Hazy Sky? We’ll Tell You Why

Recently you might have noticed that the sunshine isn’t quite as bright, and that the sunrises and sunsets have been brilliant with a red-appearing sun. The hazy skies in areas of Northern and Mid-Michigan have been filled with a haze, and that’s a visual result of forest fires in western Canada and some areas of the western United States. We can see the smoke this far from the source because of the size of the fires and the air flow in the atmosphere!


4. 1.5 Million Farm Animals Died in the Worst Agricultural Disaster in Michigan History

In early 1973, a chemical plant based in St. Louis, Michigan, mislabeled two drastically different products. The result: a fire retardant (PBB) labeled as a magnesium supplement was sent to a Michigan Farm Bureau Services facility near Battle Creek and fed to livestock across the region. The resulting disaster based on the mistake at the Velsicol Chemical plant (formerly known as Michigan Chemical Company) is felt to this day.

5. Coast Guard Helicopter Makes Emergency Landing Near Grand Traverse Co. Golf Club

The Coast Guard has confirmed a leak in the hydraulic system is to blame for a Coast Guard helicopter having to make an emergency landing Tuesday afternoon. The Coast Guard was conducting training over East Bay when they were alerted of a leak in the hydraulic system, at which point they were forced to make an emergency landing.


6. Michigan Schools Will No Longer Be Graded On A-F System

On Monday, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed legislation that will change how public schools are ranked by the state. Under the current Revised School Code, the Michigan Department of Education is required to assign letter grades A through F to public schools. Supporters of the requirement say it helps determine where funding should go, but opponents say ranking schools is more complicated than an A-F grade.

7, Name Released of Woman Charged With Setting Fire to Tent With a Man Inside

The Grand Traverse County Prosecutor says Tabitha Dunlop has been charged with second-degree arson, as well as possession of a taser. Officers discovered that Dunlop had poured gasoline on a campfire and up onto a tent with a man inside after several calls came in about a possible wildfire.


8. Gov. Whitmer Signs Red Flag Gun Reform Bills

Michigan took another step in its trek toward gun reform with the signing of red flag laws by Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Red flag laws, or extreme risk protection orders, allow family, friends or law enforcement to petition the court to take weapons away from people who are shown to be a threat to themselves or others. It’s a law that possibly could have been used by the family of the Michigan State University shooter.

9. Motorcycle Hits Deer in Mason County, Driver Seriously Hurt

The Mason County Sheriff’s Office on Sunday said a motorcycle hit a deer and left the driver with serious injuries. Deputies say it happened on Walhalla Road south of Barothy Road in Branch Township. They say they were called to the scene around 9:30 Saturday night. That’s when they found the 60-year old-driver from Fountain unconscious on the road, suffering from major injuries, officials said.

10. Frankfort Man Charged for Illegally Dredging the Platte River

The U.S. attorney for the Western District of Michigan says they have caught and charged the man who illegally diverted the flow of the Platte River. Andrew Blair Howard of Frankfort is charged with one count of tampering and one count of vandalism. It all stems from an investigation that started at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore in August of last year.

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