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Elk Rapids Cinema Reopens to Public After Owner’s Passing

Elk Rapids Cinema is ready to open its doors again over Memorial Day weekend after being closed for nearly four months.

The movie theater closed after the passing of Joe Yuchasz, fondly remembered as “Movie Theater Joe,” back in January.

The single screen theater opened 83 years ago and was bought by Joe back in 1973. His legacy will be carried on by his niece and nephew, who want to make sure the spirit of the theater is alive and well.


“This is why it’s so important that it has become a family affair, because I don’t think that any one of us have all of the talents that Joe had but as a collective effort, I think we’re able to pull together and make this place run. I made the special connection with my uncle but so many people have a special connection to this place,” said

If you want to stop in, the theater is currently showing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

According to the theater’s website, tickets are cash only, no credit or debit cards.

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