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Hometown Pharmacy Brings a Personal Touch Back to Wellness

When you think of a pharmacy today chances are the big box stores are the first thing to come to mind. An environment that one would not describe as welcoming and a far cry from the community spaces that these centers of wellness use to be.

But luckily enough for those of us in Michigan, locally owned and operated Hometown Pharmacy is trying to change that by offering a space that brings people in and invites them to stay a while.

The team at Hometown Pharmacy take a lot of pride in their space and approach to your wellness. Instead of the standard, treating patients like number on a piece of paper, Hometown Pharmacy takes the time to get to know their clients needs to better serve them. For most prescriptions, they are filled and that is the end of your support from the pharmacist.


With Hometown Pharmacy they know that “One size does not fit all” and make sure that you are well informed so that together you and your pharmacist can address any issues that may arise.

For more information or to visit your nearest location head over to the Hometown Pharmacy website.

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