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Cadillac Area Public Schools Joins Lawsuit Against Social Media Platforms

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Cadillac Area Public Schools (CAPS) says they are joining a lawsuit with other educational institutions to ensure children’s safety and mental health are protected online.

The school district and Board of Education say they want to hold these platforms legally accountable for children’s safety on their platforms. In a statement, the district said “By participating in this legal action, CAPS demonstrates its dedication to ensuring a secure online environment for its students, fostering a culture of accountability, and advocating for more robust measures to protect child safety on social media.”

There has been increased scrutiny over the role social media plays in America’s mental health crisis, especially for children and teens. Hearings in Congress have revealed evidence that corporations like Meta and Twitter were aware of the negative impact of their platforms and downplayed or encouraged the results.

School districts across the country are now choosing to take that argument to court through class action and other lawsuits.

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