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Michigan Legislators Look to Change Life Without Parole Rules for Juveniles

There’s been a major push in Lansing to change and reform prison sentencing in Michigan.

Last week, debate began on limiting life without parole when it came to juveniles.

This week, a new bill package wants to remove the state’s truth-in-sentencing guidelines and allow prisoners to be paroled before they finish their minimum sentence. It would still be on the parole board to agree, but certain prisoners may be able to be released early.


Opponents say a minimum sentence is set for a reason and then the state’s parole process begins so there is no need for these bills.

“The parole board has looked at this individual, they’ve taken their classes, they’re not a threat anymore, they haven’t had fights or sold drugs in prison so we’re going to release them,” said Rep. Graham Filler of Clinton County. “So that sort of quick release has led to a decrease in our prison population, which is kind of what we want to see, so these bills are unnecessary and they are really an affront to victims.”

Filler says victim advocacy groups have joined the push against the bills, so victims always know at least how long their attacker will be in prison.

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