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Crafting with the Katies: DIY Your Own Sunglasses Case!

The sun is out, the temperatures are warming up, and that means you’re packing your sunglasses wherever you go!

But do you have a fun and handmade case to put your sunnies in?

The Katies have you covered! With this plastic canvas sunglasses case, it’s firm enough to hold your glasses in place, and the softness of the yarn will protect your glasses from getting scratched.

To make your own DIY sunglasses case, you’ll need:

  • Plastic canvas
  • Yarn of your choosing
  • Needle
  • Scissors

Follow these steps:

Step one: Start by cutting out two sheets of plastic canvas that are 22 squares wide and 47 squares tall. Cut as close as you can to the edge so you’re not leaving any excess plastic out and you have a smooth edge.

Step two: Take your yarn and thread it through the eye of your needle. Then, measure out the length of your wingspan and double up your yarn. Cut your ends.

Step three: To start your design, take one sheet of your plastic canvas and start at the bottom left hand corner. Count diagonally up eight squares and weave through one stitch, holding on to the tail of your yarn.

Step four: Do a full loop back to the bottom of your sheet. Repeat the process on the square next to your first stitch, looping right next to your first stitch.

Step five: Repeat this process as your lines get smaller and smaller and you make half a square. Make sure you’re doing full stiches to cover both sides of the plastic canvas. If you have any exposed plastic, you could risk scratching your glasses.

Step six: When you get to the last square, thread your yarn up through your canvas, then weave your needle underneath your yarn but above your plastic, and come out the edge of your square on the bottom of your canvas.

Step seven: Repeat steps three-six to finish the rest of your square.

Step eight: When you want to move on to your second square, make sure your share the same border. You don’t want to start in the square next to it, because that will leave a plastic line.

Step nine: Start on the opposite side of where you started (at the top left of your square) and count eight squares down diagonally. Then, thread your yarn through.

Step ten: Make a loop by going back up to the top of your second square.

Step eleven: Repeat step five and six to finish up your second square, and continue the process until you’ve made it to the top of your plastic canvas with four rows of squares left.

Step twelve: While sharing the border with your last row of squares, thread your yarn up and down the last four rows of squares.

Step thirteen: Repeat steps one through twelve to complete your second sheet of plastic canvas.

Step fourteen: Once you’ve finished both halves of your plastic canvas, take the two sheets, place them together, and whipstitch along the edge to secure them together.

This project may be a little more time consuming, but once you’ve finished, you have an awesome, homemade piece of art you’ll use every day!

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