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Consumers Energy: A Force for You - Improving Electric Reliability With ATR Devices

An Automatic Transfer Recloser, or ATR, is a state-of-the-art device that will allow Consumer’s Energy to provide improved electric services to it’s customers.

In conjunction with their efforts to clear trees threatening lines and providing more physical protection, it is also critical that the technology used is based upon efficiency and reliability.

Consumer’s Energy customers spoke and the company listened, planning to install 123 ATRs throughout 2023. When there is a power outage or a downed line, that is when the ATR will come into play, diverting power from other sources so customers will only be without power for moments.

These automation tools are a part of a much larger $5.4 Billion electric reliability plan implemented by Consumer’s Energy to better serve their customers and the region.

For more information view the Consumer’s Energy press release regarding the Automatic Transfer Reclosers.